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If you want to help us achieve these goals, here are ways you can do so.
Donating is a helpful way to support the our website. We've set up contract account to handle Bitcoin and Ether donations. All funds received are visible on the blockchain for anyone to see.

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Why we need a donation ? The answer it's simple!

In recent years, we have reinvested this site to improve the quality of the site, both on the software, hardwere, and video conferencing basically.
The cost and maintenance of such a site is very high. That's why we want to expand this project by developing a decentralized streaming platform with new features, new design elements, and other modules that will increase site speed and special modules that will help you both as a normal user and as a site administrator .
We also want to acquire new servers for video files, we want to hire more programmers in the team and the members who will take care of the website.
When the tight amount of donations can support us, at that time we promise to remove all advertisements from the site and everything will be great..
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